"At Mamita's Bakeries, past, present and future go hand in hand."

The idea to launch Mamita's Bakeries was born in the summer of 2014, following a study trip abroad. Our favourite delicacies, very famous in Belgium, proved to be totally unknown to our foreign friends. But they were nonetheless so enthusiastic about them and so eager to take them back to their own country, that the creation of Mamita's Bakeries was only a next logical step... Moreover, this transition towards our products can also be explained by the knowledge and experience we have gained over the last 25 years in the production and consultancy regarding food seasonings and condiments.
Just like her products, Mamita's Bakeries wants to profile herself as a family business, where quality and good taste matter more than quantity and diversity of the products she offers. However, we also want to emphasise that we are constantly on the look-out for novelties and that we aim to regularly extend our range with new recipes and products that will be especially created and adapted to our different markets, in order to provide our customers in time with a complete and varied range of Belgian delicacies.

Our authenticity


While our aim is to offer authentic products reminding you of the good old days, Mamita's Bakeries is of course also a modern and very dynamic company which uses today's technology to produce, sell and transport her goods in the best possible circumstances. Because, at Mamita's Bakeries, past, present and future go hand in hand.
Our objective is to introduce you to our ancient traditions, with products that remind you of childhood and simple pleasures. Indeed, in this current world where having some 'me-time' has become nearly impossible, our aim is to take you back into the past, to offer you a little moment of joy, indulgence and pure delight.. A short break where you forget all around you to savour these exquisite and delicate biscuits. It's all you'll need to recharge your batteries before heading back into the modern and hectic world...

Our target groups

Mamita's Bakeries primarily targets national and international wholesalers of different countries and even continents, and wants to offer exclusive products to an equally exclusive clientele. She is actively seeking partnerships with serious candidates and is constantly on the look-out for long-term relationships.

Please feel free to contact us should you desire additional information about our products or different options of partnership. We'll be very pleased to help and consult with you.

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