Terms of Sales


The following terms and conditions are applicable for all orders, deliveries, agreements and other documents from which commitements could be apparent for Fi Consulting. Deviations from these general conditions are only Valid if expressly agreed in writing.


The price is as stated on the purchase order or agreement, unless Fi Consulting sees the necessity to adjust it according to developments in its fixed and/or variabele costs. In such cases, the new price, as stated on the invoice, shall apply.

Payment methods

The price stated on the invoice is payable on the date stated on the invoice. In the event of a dispute , the objection to the invoice must be raised within eight days after its receipt. In the event of non-payement by the due date, the invoice will be increased, automatically and without prior notice of default, by interest equal to 1 % per month starting from the due date until the full payment. In addition, for each invoice that is not paid by due date a fixed fee of 12 % , with a minimum of € 150, will be due automatically and without prior notice of default. The non-payement by the due date of a single invoice, makes the total balance due from all other invoices, including invoices that are not yet due, interest and/or compensation for damages, legally immediately due and payable.


The goods will be delivered to the address stated on the front of the invoice or purchase order. The indicated delivery periods are for information purpose only and are not binding.
A delay in the delivery can never give cause to compensation for damages, refusal of the goods or dissolution of the agreement.

Retention of ownerschip

The goods delivered remain the property of Fi Consulting until full payment of the invoice, costs, interest and compensation for damages. In the absence of payment of the invoice by the due date, the goods already delivered may be taken back, without this revocation affecting the rights to demand payment of the invoice, costs and compensation for damage. If a buyer pays a deposit before placing an order but does not effectively place one within the term of 6 months after payement of the deposit or if the buyer wants to cancel his order, the paid deposit remains acquired by Fi Consulting. In those given circumstances, Fi Consulting also has the right to prove the costs already incurred and to claim those backs from the potential buyer.


The customer must immediately take delivery of the goods and check them. Each mistake must be reported in writing by the customer no later than 48 hours after delivery. Fi Consulting obligations are limited to and cannot be other than the replacement of the defective goods. The buyer will not be entitled to any other form of compensation.

Force majeure

Fi Consulting reserves the right to suspend or to annul orders, without compensation, when force majeure jeo- pardizes its normal execution. The following are explicitly considered as cases : strikes, lack of transport, fire, flood, damage to material, revolt,terrorism, war, epidemic, accident at the company or at one of its suppliers and/or transporters and regardless of its cause.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

All legal relations between the parties are governed by Belgian law. In the event of a dispute, only the courts of Antwerp are authorised and, i fit regards a dispute between Fi Consulting and the buyer, without prejudice to the applicable provisions of de Judicial Code.