"Our speculoos is our most traditional biscuit from our range of biscuits."

The biscuit we call 'speculoos' is our most traditional product from our range of biscuits. Tradition wants that Saint Nicholas, the patron saint of all children, gives it on December 6 (his birthday) to all children that have been good during the past year. It's a tradition that is widespread in Belgium and the Netherlands, as well as in Western Germany and Northern France.

A speculoos is a slightly caramelized biscuit, delicately flavoured with cinnamon. The brown sugar used in the recipe gives it its peculiar grainy texture, makes it crunchy and provides its typical brown colour.

This traditional biscuit perfectly accompanies your coffee, tea or hot chocolate. It can also be enjoyed as simple breakfast or at tea-time. Try it as a snack or put it on a slice of bread with a hint of butter. You'll see, it's delicious...

Moreover, speculoos can very easily be used in the kitchen as cooking ingredient. It will thus quickly become a unexpected element in many of your sweet or salted recipes.

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